About James Ahern of Laidlaw

James “Jimmy” Ahern is the managing partner of Laidlaw & Company UK Ltd., a healthcare-focused investment bank, and the founder of Laidlaw Venture Partners (LVP), a venture capital subsidiary company. Before founding Laidlaw, Ahern studied at Assumption University in Massachusetts as well as at Saint Joseph’s College in Maine, from where he went on to become the vice president of Casimir Capital and the managing director of Aegis Capital Corporation.

Jimmy Ahern joined Laidlaw & Company in 2010 and has since helped the company expand throughout the United States and Europe, making it a leading institutional investor for the tech-healthcare industry. Throughout his tenure, Ahern has had a proven track record in guiding multimillion-dollar equity investments with various healthcare brands from incubation to closing.

In addition to his position at Laidlaw & Company, he also serves on the board of directors of Voltron Therapeutics, PD Theranostics, and Aerwave Medical, all private portfolios of Laidlaw Venture Partners in the medical market focusing on rare diseases, oncology, and cardiac or lung health. Much of his portfolio-building success is attributed to his authentic relationship-building capabilities with university innovation labs, bringing Laidlaw Venture Partners over USD 6 billion in capital.

In his spare time, Jimmy chairs the Basketball Academic Center of Excellence at his alma mater, Northfield Mount Hermon School, and also donates his time to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Massachusetts, where he sits on the board of advisors.

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