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Precision-guided, self-assembling Vaccines for Cancer and Infectious diseases


Improving cell mediated responses to combat infectious diseases

Voltron Therapeutics, Inc., a private Laidlaw Venture Partners portfolio company operating under Laidlaw & Company UK Ltd., uses technology to improve cell-mediated responses and to combat infectious diseases as well as specific forms of cancer. Voltron Therapeutics holds an exclusive worldwide license to the VaxCelerateSelf-Assembling Vaccine technology developed by specialists at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the Vaccine & Immunotherapy Center (VIC). In preclinical studies, this technology is showing proof of concept in two infectious diseases, Lassa Fever and Q Fever, as well as in two types of cancer, ovarian and HPV.

Recent developments at Voltron Therapeutics includes the successful preclinical testing of HaloVax™ Self-Assembling Vaccine (SAV) against COVID-19 developed in conjunction with Hoth Therapeutics. The cutting-edge technology uses an immune targeting approach, which can be helpful in effectively treating certain cancers as well. The development of technology for both vaccines and oncology treatments is ongoing.

Founded in 2017, CEO Patrick Gallagher and Executive Chairman Anthony Zook lead the experienced Voltron Therapeutics team and continue to work alongside world-class researchers and physicians. As a private Laidlaw Venture Partners portfolio company, Managing Directors Matthew Eitner and James Ahern continue to add value for both the company and the investors.

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