Northfield Mount Hermon Preparatory High School

The Boys’ Basketball Team

Northfield Mount Hermon Preparatory High School

Founded in the late 19th century, the Northfield Mount Hermon Preparatory High School in Mount Hermon, Massachusetts provides a well-rounded and multidimensional learning and living experience to its students. With approximately 650 students registered per year, the co-ed boarding school aims to prepare its attendees with the College-Model Academic educational approach to prepare for the real world while instilling a life-long love for learning. In addition to their creative, innovative, and in-depth curriculum, Northfield Mount Hermon provides its students with an array of athletic teams, performing-arts clubs, and student-led extracurricular activities to choose to make it a more holistic high school experience.

Athletics at Northfield Mount Hermon

With a strong focus on athletics, Northfield Mount Hermon offers one of the broadest athletic programs in the United States – with 67 teams in 19 interscholastic sports that further divide into three levels of competition comprising of varsity, junior varsity, and thirds. The team of highly accredited coaches and trainers simultaneously encourage sportsmanship and leadership as well as understanding team commitment and continuous improvement.

Playing in the New England Prep School Athletic Conference (NEPSAC) AAA, the Northfield Mount Hermon Boys Basketball is one of the most prominent programs across the country, sending 45 players to the Ivy Leagues for 15 years. In the past 18 years, the Northfield Mount Herman Boys team has been ranked as one of the top ten basketball teams in the country, and within the top five in the last 15 years. Playing at a national level, the team has participated in the Final Four tournaments, the National Championships and the New England Championships, averaging over 28 wins per season since 2012. James Ahern serves as chairman of the boys’ basketball program and is proud to call Northfield Mount Hermon his alma mater. 

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